You've got to see it
to believe it.

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Capture Attention

Every clothing storefront has mannequins. Draw attention back to yours using the new Vette D1 mannequin display.

Create Awareness

Our displays can show any kind of text or image. New collections, or running a sale? Let your mannequins tell the story.

Control Anywhere

Every display comes with the Complete Cloud Control interface, allowing you to update your display from anywhere, even when out of office.

The new D1 Mannequin Display

Caught your eye, didn't it? Every aspect of the D1 is designed in pursuit of customer awareness. Our customers report a significant increase in walk-in sales within a week of installing the D1.

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D1 Mannequin Display
D1 Mannequin Display

Complete Cloud Control

Just because the D1 is modern doesn't mean it needs to be complicated to setup. Every display comes with unlimited access to C3.

Unrestricted creativity

Create presets and manage your displays from any device, anywhere in the world.

Easy access for anyone

Get your staff setup with a Complete Cloud Control account within minutes.

Live interface demo

Infinitely adjustable

The D1 was designed to fit any headless mannequin. It's laser-cut PMMA base can be customized to fit any shape required, so you can easily upgrade your existing mannequins to high-tech LED matrix mannequins.

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D1 Mannequin Display